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The Health Status of Dentists Exposed to Mercury from Silver Amalgam Tooth Restorations.


Abstract: The authors employed pharmacy utilization data to evaluate the health status of a representative sample of 600 dentists, matched to control subjects, for gender, age, geographical area, and insurance plan structure. Dentists demonstrated significantly more prescription utilization of specific illness medications than did Controls, for the following disease categories: Neuropsychological, Neurological, Respiratory, and Cardiovascular. The greater majority of pediatric and general practice dentists still use mercury amalgam restorations. This places them at greater risk than the general population for those disorders, as well as threatening the future health of America’s children and adults who continue to receive silver amalgam restorations.

Research Study.


The information on this website is not intended to, and does not, in anyway, constitute medical advice. The material is provided for information purposes only. It is based upon the Authors’ personal experiences. Please consult your qualified medical professional. Anyone considering removal of their amalgam fillings should be aware that the process is DANGEROUS as it releases highly toxic mercury vapour. It should only be undertaken by an experienced mercury-free dentist using full IAOMT protocols in order to minimise the risk of exposure to mercury.