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International Autism Conference.


The conference includes information on a groundbreaking combination of educational and biomedical interventions into autism and related disorders. Amongst the many well regarded experts speaking at the event will be Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Devin Houston, Stephen Walker and Stephen Shore. The conference is to take place between Friday 23rd October and Sunday 25th October. Individuals may attend one, two or all three days, and concessions rates are available for those over 60, students and low-income families. Tickets are available now, but are selling fast and will not be available on the day. For more information on the conference and to see the event timetable, please go to our website, www.autismconference2009.com or to secure your place at one of the most educational and up-to-date autism conferences, please call us now on 0208 979 2525.

Conference Details.


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