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Danish MP Worries About Mercury in Swine Flu Vaccine.


The Danish Minister of Health, Jakob Axel Nielsen (K), has been asked a dozen questions about vaccine safety. Member of the Danish Parliament, Pia Olsen Dyhr (SF), has asked the conservative Minister of Health in Denmark, Jakob Axel Nielsen why the health authorities are unable to provide mercuryfree vaccine to protect the Danish population against swine flu? The background for this inquiry is a news item published recently in the Danish daily Politiken “Vaccine against H1N1 contains mercury.” The Danish member of parliament, representing a progressive leftwing party, also asked the Danish Minister of Health, “what studies by which particular scientists and the health authorities rely on, when they allow the Danish population to be exposed to trace amounts of mercury injected directly into the body? Pia Olsen Dyhr, who works politically with environmental issues - in particular chemicals - also wonders, whether the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products still use mercury as a liquid electrode in the production of flu vaccines? This used to be part of the procedure. The Danish member of parliament, who is a scholar as well as a mother of small children, has asked a dozen questions concerning the safety of mercury containing swine flu vaccines. Among many other concerns, Pia Olsen Dyhr asks how the health authorities will be able to guarantee that informed consent is practised when individuals receive swineflu vaccinations containing trace amounts of mercury? Pia Olsen Dyhr is also her party’s spokesperson on consumer issues.


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