"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win"– Mahatma Gandhi.

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"Vaccines: Are They Safe and Effective"


Help us complete this documentary! You can be a part of ensuring that this groundbreaking video on vaccine safety is completed. Featuring a discussion between Boyd Haley and Paul Offit, the documentary offers important insights on what can happen when industry profits, rather than human health, drive government vaccine recommendations. Dr. Offit appears often on national television as an expert on vaccination. By not inviting any of his many critics, the mainstream media gives the impression that he has none. This false impression leaves the public uninformed on the very real threats posed to children’s health through an overly aggressive vaccine program that now recommends children receive an astounding 48 vaccines by the age of six. Your donation of $10 to $15,000 will allow us to complete the project. In return, you’ll receive: • A complete bibliography of 145 published scientific studies proving the danger of mercury in vaccines. • Dr. Offit’s full interview transcript with color-coded comments from six of his critics with disease mortality charts and links to more information. The six critics are: • Boyd Haley, PhD • Brian Hooker, PhD • Russell Blaylock, MD • Suzanne Humphries, MD • Sherri Tenpenny, MD and • David Ayoub, MD. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vaccines-are-they-safe-and-effective#share



The information on this website is not intended to, and does not, in anyway, constitute medical advice. The material is provided for information purposes only. It is based upon the Authors’ personal experiences. Please consult your qualified medical professional. Anyone considering removal of their amalgam fillings should be aware that the process is DANGEROUS as it releases highly toxic mercury vapour. It should only be undertaken by an experienced mercury-free dentist using full IAOMT protocols in order to minimise the risk of exposure to mercury.